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 One-of-a-kind books for your child 

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See their face light up!

  • For the first time, let your child be the star of the story. Not just a copy paste, not another boring tale

  • Bring their imagination to life. Wants to be a pirate? Now they're sailing the seven seas.

  • Each page features stunning, unique illustrations that bring every nuance of their story to life.

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The Magic of a Bespoke KCS Story

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Share the child's name, age, interests, etc and a brief description or image for personalised illustrations.

2. Order

You will receive a draft via email for you to review, approve, or suggest amendments. Once approved, we'll proceed to create your child's book.

3. Enjoy

Your Story will arrive at your door as a hardcover book, to be enjoyed for years to come!

How does it work?

The Ai revolution - Powered by authors

Thanks to cutting-edge AI technology, we can now craft unique, affordable books tailored specifically for your child. Developed in collaboration with authors to ensure a perfect blend of structured creativity and personalisation.

How is this possible?

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Money Back

Bespoke Storybook 

From £36.9 + Free Worldwide Shipping

Experience unique adventures with our fully customisable children's books. Ignite a love for reading and gift a one-of-a-kind story treasured for years.


Our Promise

100% Customer Satisfaction

Money Back Guarantee 

If you're not happy with your story draft and the amendments our team has done. We will be happy to provide a full refund.

Customer First Policy

From Customisation to Curation, we make sure every step of the way you the customer feel a part of the KCS family.

Staff Dedicated To You

Once you purchase, you will be put in personal contact with one of our story curators, to help fine tune and make the perfect book!

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Snippets from some of our favourite stories we've created for other kids!

Don't take our word for it!

Incredible!!!! My daughter’s favourite book. Such a fantastic service!

Esme Stanford-Durkin

Kidscustomstories Trustpilot 5 stars

"What a lovely gift this made for my niece. Just to see the smile on her face was priceless :) Kidscustomstories user experience was a nice and very smooth process. Every step of the way. I would highly recommend."

George Rossides

Kidscustomstories Trustpilot 5 stars

I was sceptical at first but honestly so pleased, my nephew (3 years old) loved it. Blown away with the creativity of the writers so much better story than regular childrens books10/10

Oliver Munn

Kidscustomstories Trustpilot 5 stars

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