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  • How can I trust the quality of these stories?
    While we utilise AI to assist in crafting personalised stories, each book not only undergoes a thorough review by our team of editors and storytellers to ensure it meets our high standards for quality, creativity, and age-appropriateness, but also, you will be sent a draft of the story for you to approve or suggest amendments. This ensures that the final product is perfectly tailored to your preferences and expectations. Our goal is to merge technology with human creativity to create stories that captivate and inspire young readers. By addressing these concerns head-on, we aim to reassure potential customers that choosing KCS means opting for a quality, safe, and personalised reading experience for their children, with customer satisfaction at the core of what we do.
  • Are these books suitable for children with specific learning needs?
    Absolutely. We believe every child deserves magical stories that resonate with them. Our customisation options allow you to tailor the reading experience to your child's needs, whether that's through simplified language, specific themes that engage them more effectively, or including scenarios that help them understand and navigate their world better.
  • Is my child's data and privacy protected?
    Your child's privacy and safety are our top priorities. We only use the information you provide about your child to create their custom story, and we do not share this information with any third parties. Our website and ordering process are designed with stringent security measures to protect your personal data.
  • How quickly can I expect my custom book to arrive?
    Your bespoke storybook is crafted with care and will typically be made and shipped within approximately 14 days. Please note that this timeframe may vary depending on any amendment's you need made. We strive to keep you informed every step of the way, from creation to delivery, to ensure you know when to expect your unique storybook.
  • What if I'm not satisfied with the final product?
    We take great pride in creating each story on a one-to-one basis, tailoring every detail to your specifications and ensuring a high level of personalisation. To ensure your utmost satisfaction, we offer a specific guarantee: if the first draft of your story does not align with your expectations and you notify us within 48 hours, we will provide a full refund. This commitment is part of our dedication to creating memorable, personalised reading experiences for your child
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