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Bespoke Storybook 

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Experience unique adventures with our fully customisable children's books. Ignite a love for reading and gift a one-of-a-kind story treasured for years.


Our bespoke stories, spanning 200 to 2000 words, are designed to captivate young imaginations. Complementing these, we provide over 17+ unique watercolour-style illustrations, featuring your child as the central character, vividly bringing their personalised story to life and adding a deeply personal touch to the reading experience.

*Please note there may be some discrepancies in the illustrations


Nursery, Approx age 3-4

Alex found a key. It was shiny. "What can this open?" Alex thought.

Early Primary School, Approx age 5-6

Alex found a small, shiny key in the garden. It was silver and very pretty. "I wonder what this key opens," Alex thought.

Mid-Primary School, Approx age 7-8

-Alex was playing in the garden when something shiny caught their eye. It was a key, half-buried under a bush. The key was old, with intricate designs etched into its surface. "This must have belonged to someone important," Alex thought, feeling the weight of history in their hand.

Late-Primary School, Approx age 9-10

Alex was immersed in a game of make-believe in the garden, chasing after imaginary foes and seeking hidden treasures, when a glimmer on the ground halted their quest. Peering closer, Alex discovered a key, its presence almost mystical, half-hidden beneath a dense bush. The key, wrought from an unknown metal, bore the marks of time, with intricate patterns and symbols etched across its surface, hinting at its age and the importance of its original owner. Alex, with eyes wide in wonder, felt a surge of excitement mixed with reverence. Holding the key, they pondered its history, imagining the doors it may have unlocked and the secrets it held. "This must have belonged to someone of great significance," Alex thought, a sense of connection to the past igniting within them as they contemplated the key's origins and the stories it could tell.

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Kidscustomstories Example Bespoke Book

Reading Age: Early-Primary School, Approx. age 5-6

Kidscustomstories Example Bespoke Book

Reading Age: Mid-Primary School, Approx. age 7-8

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